Dialog with Patients for Feedback

Your team member can remind the patient that they will receive a request on their mobile phone later that day to provide some feedback about their visit. Your patient receives a text message later that day with a simple request.  “Would you recommend us-Yes or No”.

A Few of your Patients will Respond

The patient can ignore the message, or touch Yes or No. If they choose No their comments are discretely collected and your office is notified. If they choose yes, they are taken to your choice of the important online review sites like Google, Yelp or Facebook. For those who do not respond a further email follow-up request is made.

Your On-Line Review Profile Grows

By automating the online review request process, your staff is not burdened with any  new tasks.  The system works seamlessly in the background to gradually capture true patient 5-Star reviews over time

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