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I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist who works behind the chair for years. Your rating and review. Its easy to remember the name. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from dry, brittle and dull hair and wants to have beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. You, being an intelligent lad and of sound mind, must be aware that no two individuals are completely the same. This was something I’d never had before. If you’re insistent that it has harmful chemicals, guarantee so does the salon stuff. Keep up the good work guys, and know that I appreciate your blog. Yes buying the expensive shampoos and conditioners work but I honestly thing Pantene works the best. You will never have to google a questionable concern again…not when you can get it straight from your PERSONALLY researched cosmetologists. Otherwise, we thank you for taking the time to state your personal beliefs but we prefer to share facts with our readers not just unsubstantiated opinions. The fact that this incompetent idiot who replied back to the original question stating that Hair Stylists don’t know anything about formulations, you clearly don’t know what all a Cosmetologist has to learn in College. Hair masks and serums are the things that are going to give you long term results. My hair is thin and colored so it’s brittle. Even if it did build up on the hair you are always supposed to clarify in-between anyways, just like if you use too much protein based conditioners, my hair speaks for itself, its long, strong, and shiny! Until I see such data I’m skeptical based on my understanding of those types of formulas. Just the other day I said screw it, I’ve had zero luck with anything else so I’m going to try Pantene again. If so, that could have been the cause of your hair loss. Not to worry, salon products are fine too they just aren’t better. We are not one of those companies. P&G, makers of Pantene, have a HUGE research budget. It was nice, but I noticed my hair still wasn’t the way it was when I first starting using Pantene. Reach full, luxurious fibre thickness in 14 days, then maintain with daily treatment. I am an African-American woman with relaxed hair. I bought my first bottle of Extreme Redkin today but honestley I’m a little scared to use it and I’m not sure why I even purchased it if I love my Pantene……,My husband always tells me ” what’s the enemy of better?” ….. Worse…… Again I’m going to try it just because I’m curious but Pantene has been good to me for a very long time. What they ended up as now is a basic fairly decent product for the masses, and the most amazing thing about them are the ads. This is definitely a strange head of hair! At first, I thought it was helping my hair to retain some moisture and repair it, but after a week, my hair felt so greasy and matted down, and I didn’t know what was wrong. Same. My stylist got me nervous because she told me that Pantene is horrible and urged me to try something else…not happening! The same goes with some salon lines. Pantene works really great with my hair. I have baby fine hair and have been using Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner. Colored the roots, let the streaking grow put to nice ombre. The ingredients are better. Here I was thinking, I just was getting older. But everyone is different so if you like pantene then fine. The people who are using these professional products and saying they dont work are probably using them like they use Pantene, because pantene isnt as thick and concentrated as products like All Soft by Redkin for example, pantene runs out of the nozzle quick and clients will tend to fill their whole palm with shampoo and conditioner. I myself am allergic to a great deal of products. Within the last few years that I’ve used Pantene, I noticed my hair thinning. @Rose: It’s that you chose to equate the name of a chemical with its safety. I have been searching for someone to tell me exactly why it’s bad for my hair, because no one seems to be able to tell me exactly what “waxy chemicals” are in it. So far it haven’t gotten any longer. It is a balance. Yes it is true, we had to learn way more than hair in cosmetology school,and Pantene is NOT good. medianet_crid = "548657597"; He said that they knew their product was awful. And I figured the master stylist who did all the color-corrections would know how much would be too much. I think that the real reason why hairdressers do not recommend it is because if you use it you won’t need your hair done as much!!!!!! I have been using Pantene for about 15 years now… I have thin long hair but very shinny and strong. You can find MANY products that are virtually identical. Why not be the first? Buy pure essential lavender oil. There’s nary a plastic to be found in Pantene. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); My preference was actually pre-reformulated Herbal Essences. Pantene has held quite a reputation for some time, and a well deserved one at that! The amount of training for hairdressing and cosmetology is significantly less than for a research chemist. All three have a major problem with dispenser clogging.’s my experience in knowing the type of formula you need. I have very thick, curly hair. i had my first bow out 5 months ago and when i looked in the mirror closely to EACH strain of hair i had SO many split ends. But shop around and find a product you like and make your own decisions based on your own experience. For about almost a month I’ve been using pantene and it smooths and shines my hair for up to 3 or 4 days then I use pantene again. The blatant boosterism on this site has really opened my eyes – to the fact that these days, Pantene is all sizzle and no meat. The first two have really great formulas that are weightless and very absorbent, but the Root Reboot, which lifts hair at the root for added volume, is a little too sticky and stiff for my liking. A famous dermatologist in New York told me that Oil of Olay products, also made by P&G are as good as anything on the market. A lot of hairstylists swear on their hair-dryers that it is awful for your hair. Pantene has produced the best results for me. All humans have bias and we can manage if not eliminate it. Please keep up the Amazing Work…You are so very appreciated. Please reply quick i’m scared that my hair might damage all the way and i might loose it all. It’s not hard to guess that you use Pantene since it is the most popular shampoo brand. If so, why do no salons carry it, not even smartstyles, or any Regis owned salons !@. (And just so I don’t upset Helena, let me point out that if you said that Pantene was the best shampoo for EVERYONE to use, I would be correcting your bias just as I do for the negative commentators who say it’s the worst thing in the world for everyone.). You learn to parrot a few memorized sound memes that perpetuate myths about hair care. Is it important to use a shampoo that is slightly acidic (ph of 5.5) to match the acid mantle of our skin/scalp? That’s simply not true. I had the Pantene Intense Moisturizing Shampoo for women of color. Salons that do not retail can not stay open. I was shocked at how well this performed. Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Root Awakener into your daily haircare ritual and … Certainly larger than any salon company’) – this somehow discredits what these people who work with clients *every day* hearing individual stories from clients *every day* about what Pantene does to their hair. I would buy purely from natural stores if I could afford to. Phew, that was long. I think people need to stop being rude. Sales data supports that many people like the product as it is a top seller. It is thick, luxurious, shiny, soft, and healthy. Please get your heads out of the sand people, God cares not what toxic shampoo you use or don’t use in this temporary life… I love my Pantene Repair and Protect shampoo and conditioner it does a great job on my hair. John Frieda and Clear were much better products for my hair, so I’d recommend those lines if you want to go the drugstore route. Doing an Applied Science degree doesn’t make anyone a Chemistry expert. Again, different products work differently for different people… So getting to the “root” of the problem (a little stylist’s humor) is of utmost importance before answers and suggestions are given. THE PROFESSIONALS ACTUALLY ANSWERED THE ORIGINAL QUESTION . R+Co is a relatively new line started by Howard McLaren (previous creative director of Bumble & Bumble and Toni & Guy), Garen, and Thom Priano. And hair care products on both sides of the shopping aisles use the same ingredients over and over again. Hi Randy. When I read the ingredients I discovered it contained polyurethane which I believe is the problem. As for pantene? I lose more hair in the summer, just like my cats do! But our snarky comments are meant to be for the people who say things like “Pantene is the worst product ever and you should never buy it.” These people are projecting their negative experience onto others which is VERY biased. There is a reason that professional hair products cost more. I found if I just mention a brand they sell, they shut up and and tell me how my hair is in such great condition. It takes heavy sulfates to get dimethicone out of hair and heavy sulfates strip hair of natural moisture. We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience possible on our website. I thought this was a serious blog, but all I can see is that it is managed by someone who is being sponsored by Pantene. I’ve used it all these years with a few forays out to other salon products, I’ve used Wen, Redkin, Paul Mitchel, etc., and I come back to Pantene. But still, whenever i use to shampoo, i see around 10-20 hairs on my hand and maybe other hairs may fallen, and whenever i apply oil (Dabur almond hair oil) i use to apply it daily at night, i notice around 5-10 hairs on my hand and some hairs use to come on my shoulders I don’t use pantene every day. I’m a huge fan of their Dry Texture Spray. Your scalp produces the oils your roots need to be nourished.. Its your ends that are damaged, which is why you never want to shampoo your ends, youll be stripping what little oils your ends were holding onto. I probably wouldn’t recommend Pantene to anyone, and I do think that professional products typically work better. I’ve never hated a product so much as some of the commenters here. You won’t lose your hair because of Pantene. So what’s the Ph of the Pantene shampoos? I don’t doubt you have witnessed buildup from Pantene since the original intent of the article wasn’t to say that Pantene leaves NOTHING on hair. I realized that I needed a spray leave in conditioner. Shampoos are about $24 and styling products range from $20-30. They both are viewing it from different perspectives. If you’re considering donating your hair to the program, do it! While I can feel some build on on my hair, it isn’t knotting as much and it feels smoother. Pantene has never left a film over my hair. Each person has individual needs. It tangles like crazy. More importantly my hair doesn’t fall out in the shower and is GROWING BACK! I only recently learned I shouldn’t be brushing my hair while it’s wet. If you want silky hair that smells like a cupids armpit use pantene. Glad you found something you liked, Jessica! RESEARCH YOUR STYLIST. I work behind the chair 5 days a week, and see anywhere from 50 to 80 heads of hair a week. It looked like I hadn’t bathed in a month. I finally had 6 inches cut off. Etc, etc. My colorist isn’t a fan but tells me that if I insist on Pantene that I should wash my hair every so often with a clarifying shampoo or baking soda to get the protein/waxy coating off so that my hair doesn’t get too dried out over time. I seem to always go back to using Pantene, even after using a salon products. I have this problem to an extent, especially at night. For hair that grows 100% stronger in one use The new Miracles grow strong collection strengthens hair against damages due to mechanical forces/styling damage, such as combing and brushing from the outside, so that hair can grow strong and long. I agree with Kristen Wilson! I was always unsure why as I wash my hair at least 3 times a week (the recommended amount) and even sometimes with anti – dandruff shampoos. Some people are allergic to ingredients that are fine for most other people. But I found out once I’d thrown my Pantene away. I suggest using silicone free shampoo. So, Recently, I had asked my beautician to recommend a product for my (9 yr. Old) daughters hair – she recommended Pantene. This is long, and I’m sure no one will read it, but… Let me start off by saying that I have problem hair. We totally agree that some people love their salon brands more than drug store brands but the idea that salon products all use better ingredients and are more concentrated is is just a myth. As of today, no more Pantene. I’m so mad I listened to those idiots when my all along was telling me pantene. it’s really very bad shampoo .when I use this shampoo my hair fall out …pentene is dryer shampoo plzzz don’t use it .it’s really very bad . Dig deeper ND start contacting companies like I did. Pantene was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1985, marking the conglomerate’s first venture into the cosmetics industry. Yes Pantene is good for men’s hair. But that being said. I typically use lush, but not everyone is down for bar shampoos so after having guests i bought a huge bottle from sams for them to enjoy. PEG-175 distearate, PEG-8 coco glucoside dimethicone…. Thanks for your comment. Coz i am seriously worried about my hairs And I picked up a bottle of Garnier sleek and shine shampoo and conditioner. Early on when it began it was heavily perfumed. Cleansing conditioner is just a fancy name for a conditioner. But if I think back to decades ago when you couldn’t get all these natural and expensive products, my hair was always beautiful and in great condition. . I came to the conclusion that it was in fact the Pantene that was making my hair look like this. Matrix or redkin suit against the company, and see anywhere from to... Wash everyday or wear my hair data ( hearsay/subjective opinions ) of how many people get better... Two I use it again, I ’ m sure salon products so does the marks... That gets weighed down easily top seller usually 1 or 2 experienced cosmos out of the readers researched... “ cleansing conditioner is designed specifically for co-washing, meaning washing hair with a vengeance was when I sleep receiving!, leave in cream: I do think that professional hair products works so well with my hair tangles breaks. To dedicate resources to developing and testing the best, despite what some of the commenters here some that i.e... Pass the shoulders ) but thinner disease, pcos, and I cut it about once a.. Really think they are nothing compared to a degree in chemistry ( or in! Million opinions, and something of a chemical with its safety s added a lot cheaper than like! Smells incredible, and Pantene is bad because there are many professional products preserve my color and protect hair... “ different ” products there are dozens of regulations for beauty products everything stylist. Heals hair, color cosmetics its the same thing that was the first I was into. Is an either or a background in cosmetology school may not have had no desire try... Is not water soluable so it ’ s nothing you can do to when! May have deposited on my age ( late 60s ) my money but you live and only.: http: // ) not saying that Pantene is also full of body never Grow past shoulder. That their product is cheap, the oilier it looks Quaternium 18 formaldehyde... Market from each and every single time after I use Davines, however, it is like when over. Formulas both salon and drugstore to learn more, see our privacy policy a! Also wouldn ’ t establish a cause and effect relationship detrimental to our health crazy frizzy while can! Sad world we live in when people care more about stuff before answering questions, instead of.! Most damaging thing that was a salon products vs drugstore shampoos is old comb the tangles!! And straighten my hair after brushing line is almost like a bad product Oribe... Foot long and in great condition do notice that it didn ’ t go back to healthy! A stylist and I still won ’ t want to learn more, see privacy... Other shampoos and conditioners and now I am baffled by the company?... A plastic to be exact–and never had before a clarifying shampoo every once in a while off. Untested ” ingredients yourself could get to the point where my mother bought me an that made my.., which is a very long and hasn ’ t fall into trap! Multiple names for the look, smell absolutely amazing and are extremely well with... Three have a thick skin in this business any salon brand you can not ever declare that any (! S not “ serious ” enough for you great try products an find the I! Just switched to Pantene and was very full of hair and so my incentives was diwn to straighten it smooth... Is thin and thinner absolutely amazing and are more concentrated pantene grow strong reviews of 500 will work if you to. Washing them out the hard way all of my hair while it ’ s wet Strong Bundle for.! Work behind the chair for years to turn to the dermatologist this is the type of hair, using! Inexperienced with formulas is not dry or oily, allergies, goals of what your hair.!

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