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Armor: Head - Heide Knight Iron Mask, Chest - Alva Armor, Hands - Hard Leather Gauntlets, Legs - Elite Knight Leggings, Rings: Ring of Restoration, Ring of Steel Protection, Ring of Blades, Chloranthy Ring, Right Hand: Longsword, Mace, Bastard Sword (Optional), Left Hand: Royal Kite Shield (Or Drangleic Shield for preference), Dagger, Armor: Head - Penal Mask, Chest - Lion Mage Shirt, Legs - Lion Mage Skirt, Hands - Lion Mage Gloves, Rings: Cloranthy Ring, Ring of Blades, Ring of Prayer, Player preference, Left Hand: Drangleic Shield, Black Witch Staff, Miracles: Lightning Spear, Great Lightning Spear, Great Heal, FTH: 50 (65 if you want Blinding Bolt for PVP), VGR: 40 (plenty of life for survivability), END: 20 (No need to increase more than 20 as it’d be a waste), VIT: 13 (Increased to 13 to allow for Faraam armor and still be under 70% equip weight), ATT: 30 (This increases your spells slots, AGL, and defenses), ADP: 8 (Leave at base. Weapons:-Heide knight sword (infuse with boltstone when you can, reduces physical damage but gives extra lightning damage)-Heide knight greatlance (infuse with boltstone, same as Heide knight sword)-Hunters blackbow (use another bow early game)-pyromancy flame (fireball, great fireball, great chaos fireball (NG+2), flame swathe, warmth)Armor:-any armor set you want just as long as you can roll around (preference would be to stay with the imported set just so you have almost no weight)-Heide knight armor set (in NG+ and beyond), Rings:-royal soldiers ring-third dragon ring-ring of steel protection-chloranthy ring(any ring you want really, those rings are helpful for the build but it really is your choice)(In NG+ it's better to get the +2 for these rings)Stats:Priority:1st: Strength and dex for heide knight sword and greatlance2nd: endurance and vitality3rd: when you get pyromancy flame: attunement and faith (for extra damage on pyromancy flame)SL 150:VGR:12END: 20VIT: 20ATT: 45STR: 30DEX: 25ADP: 14INT: 3FTH: 35Extra:-I'd say level up past SL 150 because that extra faith will help you with the extra lightning damage on the sword and lance and the pyromancy flame.-if you level up past SL 150 anything is free game spend points on what you think would be best for you.-this build could take a while to get used to-I use the heide knight sword for battles and the heide knight greatlance for Bosses but hey you do what you want to do.-Heirs of the sun covenant is the one you want to join hence the title "Sun Bro" even though you aren't using miracles (you could totally deviate and use miracles instead of pyromancy but then your level ups might be different), sl217vgr 30 end 30 vit 25 str 20 dex 20 adp 5 int 50 fth 50, right hand weps magic moonlight greatsword+5 black wich's staff +10/ dragon rider bow+5left hand defender's shield- 2nd black wich's staff-channeler's tridentrings royal soldier's ring +2 third/second dragon ring's southern ritual band +2 4th ring what ever you likearmor full faraam +10arrows dark and magic arrowsmiracle's and spells great heal/great lightning spear/sunlight spear/ sunlight blade/ great heavy soul arrow/ homing Crystal soulmass /soul spear/ crystal magic weapon /soul geyser. Wanderer Faraam Sellsword Knight (Forossa Dark Souls 2) DS2 (Guts Berserk) Wanderer Faraam Sellsword Knight (Forossa Dark Souls 2) DS2 (Guts Berserk) Endorsements. (With Ring of Prayer) You will also need 15 dexterity and 32 strength to wield both the Greatsword and Sea Bow. The only downside to this class is that it uses a lot of carry weight. Its Good for PvE, PvP the works. This is meant to be a challenging, fun build that sacrifices health and defense for versatility and speed. Wears the Imported set, which is given to you at the beginning of the game. You also get one of the best staffs in the game for sorc and hexes, it has A sorc and S hexes so you should quickly discard the sorceror staff you started with. Faraam, God of War is a mentioned character in Dark Souls II. 338. (pyro hand does NOT weigh anything so don't worry. required stats are identical it just has more physical attack and lower faith scaling), Also you get a very tasty boost to Flame bonus and with a +10 pyro flame as a back up element along with flame swathe and potentially fire storm, theirs nothing this build cant handle on the offence. The main purpose of this build is the Lore and the cool looking setup. Added armor padding from Knight Set to Leggings.Works f Okay so starting off I will give a rough rundown on the stats that I have set for this build. This character has high Vitality/Endurance, and can wear most armors you choose. This is a NG+ update of my previous Ninja Warrior Build. Magic + Dex build, Click the buld name to view the complete stats. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Build Equipment. Attunement will bring you to about 93 AGL), INT: 52 (you can use spices to lower spell reqs for geyser which is what I did here), Vigor: 35------------------------------------45, Endurance: 23----------------------------25, Vitality: 23----------------------------------26, Attunement: 16--------------------------16, Strength: 35-------------------------------40, Dexterity: 30------------------------------35, Intelligence: 10---------------------------20, Faith: 26------------------------------------26, VGR: 30 (This will be all you need with the Third Dragon Ring), VIT: 20 (Raising to 20 will allow you to stay under 50 with light armor or under 70 with medium armor), ATT: 25 (This increases your spells slots, AGL, and defenses), STR: 20 (Raise to 20 for Defender's GS requirements), ADP: 23 (With help from attunement, this helps raise AGL to 103), FAI: 50 (level to 50 for the dragon chime and spice your way down for higher spells). Defender Greatsword: A great weapon, use this and you may take out Sunlight blade for another spell. Had a difficult time playing the game with a pure Strength build so switched to Faith + Intelligence and never looked back! Chloranthy Ring +2. The unbuffed dark katana does very good damage thanks to the int/faith/dex scaling, but when buffed with Resonant Weapon it becomes extremely lethal.Use running R1 attacks to first strike followed by quick R1 follow ups. In my estimate, I can say that the build was finished 3/4 into the game, it was wrecking things 3/8 into the game.It is a monster in both PvE and PvP provided you know how to handle it.Click on the Build Name for the equipment and spell loadout and additional info but that the stats are provided to the left. Build this character with high ADP and high END. and a high DPS and if you are a very skilled player you can make this work easy :D. please keep in mind you can always change it to match your play style. you rely on heavy lightning strikes to deal some Holy damage. Create a wiki page with your build name and add the info/links. As the name implies this build will revolve around poison. so pick one of the weapons and power stance. 3. Faraam Set is an Attire or Armor in Dark Souls 2.Armor sets do not provide specific benefits, so players are free to mix and match their preferred parts to optimize their Builds. You must persevere. But the Royal Soldier armor with the Lion Warrior cape is recommended. This is more personal preference. I usually switch between Steel Protection, Spell Quartz, Gold Serpent, and other rings depending on the situation. It focuses on long-range barrages of powerful magic spells or close range destruction with the moonlight greatsword (Enchanted with Crystal Magic Weapon), Enemy's resistant to magic get destroyed with the backup fire spells (Still very powerful as Fire BNS is very high with this build). start with Deprived since that is the only character starting at SL1. The upgraded mace and Great Lightning Spear miracle give it enough of an offense to hold its own should trouble arise, but it is best played with coordinated co-op. Version. Starting Guide: 2 hand the mace and kill Dragonrider, then buy the lighting miracle at the top of the boss arena. The lighting spears avg 700-900 dmg per hit and can bring down most enemies in 1-2 hits. This builds main focus is to take the min/max stating to the limit, to get the highest damage numbers for pure magic fun! Original upload Even though this build is meant for farming, it can be highly effective vs. bosses in the right hands. Cloranthy Ring (get all of these) (stamina regen), (and this) (max at 39) Important for speed. "Helmet (Armor/Gauntlets/Boots) blessed by the war god Faraam." Get your stats to 40/40strength and dexterity so you can powerstance those then get your intelligence and faith to 30/30 dark imbue BUT ONLY INCE THEY ARE PLUS FIVE otherwise the scaling isn't worth it. A build based around the idea that in DS2; unlike DS1/DS3, you arent prophesized, but are like every enemy you come up against. I personally swap between a Grand Lance, a Stone Twinblade, and a Greatsword. Nameless King's name might be Faraam. This build is focused around the crypt blacksword. Combines varied mix of restorative and healing spells, offensive capabilities (Soul Appease meant to simulate the traditional effects of Holy/Banish), and powerful buffs. You can always swap the shield for a Drangleic Shield, but I like this one more. Brickheadz version of Faraam from the videogame Dark Souls 2. of choosing (I currently wear a "greatsword+6"). I maxed Faraam's for my medium armor and went with a mix of what looked good for my light armor. 2x sunlight blade (with the headpiece i have 4 uses), Vitality: (still testing, but enough to not go above 70% carry weight), Strength: 40 ( this allows you to wield any strength weapon i have seen yet), Dexterity: 30 ( though this isnt a dex build, most strength weapons do require some dex). (Build Calculator is bugged, spells are : Sacred Oath, Sunlight Blade, Sunlight Spear, Wrath of the Gods). :). As a build mid Armour is recommended but whatever your look is go with it, fashion souls baby! I love it! Faraam build. Usually consume and amber herb or two before the boss so you have some smaller spell firepower. this mainly for: initial strike, and luring out enemies 1 by 1. He's a god of war too. This set is named after a god of war. If the opponent has resistance to magic then use uchikatana with crystal or flame. We already have decent Stamina / HP and shield*, INT : 28 *For fire damage and this spell Crystal Weapon Buff*, FTH : 6 *Don't need this, we are not going for Paladin Build*. You will die often if you are careless. This Character is a challenging, but rewarding build if mastered. For gear, you’ll obviously want Armor of the Sun with Iron Armor, the Sunlight Shield, and the Sunlight Straight Sword. Mace of the Insolent: No. This build will get you past all of the early game and most of the late game, all you need to do is kill the first Heide Knight, get his sword, make sure you have the stats for it before you upgrade anything else then you should upgrade the hell out of the sword while spamming levels in endurance, vitality and adaptability. Beginner tip: If you get stuck, then Soul Vessel is your best friend! Cool, except there is a tiny problem: Not many of my friends play Dark Souls 2, and the few that do kinda suck (Sorry guys, <3 u), which makes it impossible for them to invade since I'm at SM 25 million plus. Faraam Armour +10. The picture is a representation of how I … ... if you don't mind covering your character's pretty face, replace nameless with cathedral knight and faraam with herald. Bad weapon bad chime. What are some suggestions? Join us! You will also have a hex/miracle/sorcery trainer unlocked at this point to mix and match however you like. This inhuman soldier wields two rapiers in the power stance. Retexture of the Wanderer Armor Set. I hope I'm allowed to make a new wiki page for these builds to clean the clutter they make in their description. You will want to give up. IMAGE DETAILS If the enemy gets too close, switch over to your Fire Longsword and let'em have it! Your aim is then to get INT 20 and FTH 20. - I may add more cosplay builds in the future, and if you have cosplay build ( Boss or NPC ) in Dark Souls Series feel free to contact me, but your build most have the following conditions: 1- Boss or Npc ( or normal mob too ) in Dark Souls series only. Bows if needed, Weapons that can be mistaken for farm tools or tools in general, Normal shields no Great shields besides Gyrm greatsheild on Smelter Demon, Washing pole is fantastic(low durability, so bracing knuckle ring and repair help full, CRAZY reach), and of course Poison Man-slayer +5, Blacksteel katana +10 (strong but slow and short) Claws(Manikin or regular Manikin hard to get). If not, reset until you do. Go straight to Iron Keep farm Katanas, use Uchigatana until black steel is max out or for single enemies that are fast. It has a really nice melee damage and you can use the shield to stop those hard hitting enemies, like the drakekeepers. Starting out, after you get your gear, the first thing you MUST do is blast through the 1st fog gate in the tutorial area. gameplays. Dark Souls 2 Arte Dark Souls Fantasy Armor Medieval Fantasy Dark Fantasy Angel Demon Soul Saga Urbane Kunst Elfa. This Build is as it sounds Strong and fast but Fragile. Faith: A must for this build, it is third place for importance as miracles will help your offensive and defensive fighting. As you saw in the trailers (when the player wasnt dying) you can see the gear the main character uses. With it, try to have a tank to soak damage, while you shoot your enemies, then go up and make them die!! White Mage BuilPriestess Set (+1 FTH from Headpiece) (6.8 wtRH: +10 Lightning Mace (4.0 wt), LH: Idol's Chime/Dragon's Chime (0.5 wt/1.0 wt). At this point you can basically choose to do whatever you want. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, This is the poster armor seen in both the cover of the game and in the first trailer 'Of Masks and Dragons.'. Miracles: Use healing spells, homeward (to get out of difficult situations) and lightning spears with Priest's Chime early on in the game! Pure caster build that relies only on spells. VGR: 12, END: 10+, VIT: 8+, ATN: 5, STR: 54+, DEX: 12+, ADP: 14+, INT&FTH:5. Lightning Halberd+10 ( An amazing weapon with an amazing moveset, could also be swapped for a more comfortable weapon for you), Estoc: With a Lightning +10 Estoc, and buffed with Sunlight blade, the speed of the weapon and damage per hit is pretty fantastic, so if you want a faster alternative, go for this. dark-souls-2-faraam-knight-armor-set. )RingsChloranthy +1/+23rd Dragon RingLife ring +2Ring of Blades +1/+2Optional RingsSouthern Ritual band +2 (For additional spell sluts)Life protection (For adventuring in scary places! Soul of Cinder, I don't like it! Soooo... A lore accurate faraam knight would wield a claymore? This is just a simple cosplay that I came up with, it's something I do for fun and it was TONS of fun. U can use any armor but try to make it light/ mid light but mine are listed below, This build is best for co-op and PvE and is going to probably die in PvP. This character will not reach her full potential until late game, or at least until after delving into some harder areas. Items: Any throwing tool, Poisons, Bombs ect., Green Blossum no room for cloranthy. Blue Flame. But their legacy was cut short with the fall of Forossa.". Note that this build is definitely up for debate and definitely can be molded to better fit your playstyle, but must stick to the general parameters. This unique sword allows you to strike with the same move set as the Heide Knight sword, except its strong attack allows you to cast magic based spells. What more do you want? 2. Lion Knight Albert Information "Official description goes here" Can be summoned to help with Vordt of the Boreal Valley.He will use the Bla ck Separation Crystal if you kill Emma, so he is not able to help with Dancer of the Boreal Valley. Increase your faith early on in the game to use this weapon. A High Stability, High poise, medium roll character wielding a Zweihander, and A Golden Falcon Shield. Spells can be doubled up, too, depending on what you like to use. I never played Dark Souls 1 and I started playing Dark Souls 2 with the release of Scholar of the First Sin, however with this build I beat the game. May 2020. Good defences and Fashion Souls! (All links are to and open in new tabs automatically). This build was made based on my own understanding of the game, stats, mechanics and whatever made sense at the time. The armor of the Forossa Lion Knights was preserved even after the destruction of their homeland, and is mentioned in numerous legends, alongside the names of those who are said to have gone beyond death. I use the, Primary Weapons: Mace, Idol's Bell [Replace both with Mace of Insolent once acquired], Rings: Ring of Thorns, Soldier's Ring, Dragon Ring [best one you have], Ring of Blades, Belt Items: Estus Flask, Lifegem, Green Blossom, Holy Water Urn, White Sign Soapstone. I've therefore only listed the 30/30Adp/Atn: enough for 2 spell slots and 110 agility (can add more slots if so wished)Str/Dex: 14/25 enough to wield the chaos bladeVgr: 30+ (As this is a low armor build you hp pool is your main defense)End: 20+ Adjust as desiredVit: 20+ Adjust as desiredWeaponsMain right: Dark Chaos Blade +5Main Left: Hunter's Blackbow +10 w/ dark/poison/fire arrowsSub left: Caitha's Chime +10ArmorAnything that will keep you below 25% eq for best roll distance/speed. Vitality/Endurance must be high enough that you can take quick swings at an enemy and quick roll out of the way. Rings: Ring of Blades +2/Old Leo Ring. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! First thing is first, try to get your Int, Str, endurance, Vig, Vitality and Attunement to 20. It's just a bit to (I don't want to say edgy) to much, to fd up... Idk, it doesn't look good to me. Even if I went through them alone on NG+. (Faint Stone). The Lightning Blade is a focus on Strength and Faith enabling you to deal great damage in both ranged and melee situations, it isn't a defensive class in the slightest we're all about dealing the damage. First off this isn't much of a tanking class, but think of it more part way between a duel wielder and healer. (a bit of a tactical/challenge play just for fun if you choose. The armor i use is to look like a complete badass, I use warlock mask, red lion worrior cape, engaved gauntlets(i like to be lucky), and Flying feline boots (i like to jump off cliffs). "This helmet (armor/gauntlets/boots) is designed in the style of the Lion Knights, a once-mighty order from Forossa. Set di Faraam | Dark Souls 2 - italia Wiki Sign In I only practice one trade... War. Armor: Head - Manikin Mask + 10, Chest - Alonne Knight Armor + 10, Arms - Engraved Gauntlets + 5, Legs - Drangleic Leggings + 5.

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