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ft. 500-800 sq. You can travel with this small plug-in air purifier and use it to combat any unwanted odors at your workplace, hotel room, or any other small space. The Plug-In Air Purifier in Action. Plug-in air purifiers are the alternate solutions to planting trees inside your home to clean the air as they can easily be placed anywhere in your room or office space. It is also a very good solution to sanitize stinky diapers in case you have a nursery room. GermGuardian represents quality. If you place it near the source, then even if it is in a large room, it will do a pretty good job. GG1000 does not use ions, and that means there is no danger of ozone. These purifiers range in price, size, and appearance. Those burnt things can be smelly, but if you use a plug-in air purifier, nobody will know that something was burnt in the kitchen. These devices are much safer than many other ways employed to clean the air of toxic particles and odors. May 22, 2020. The main thing this air purifier does is to remove bad odor, fumes, and unwanted scent. Most plug-in air purifiers have replaced filters with a UV-C light bulb that eliminates germs and odors. Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure Air Purifier as the name suggests is an easy tool. How does it work? Most of these small air purifiers are affordable, but some of them are extremely expensive. You won’t be constantly changing filters or using harsh chemicals to purify your air. The best position in a bedroom would be near your head because that is the place where the air will be filtered first. They will silently clean out the air of all unpleasant and strong odors. UV-C bulb needs to be replaced every 6 to 8 months for the best performance. Some of them cost almost $200. Turn the knob to your desired level of purification, and the GT50 will eliminate contaminated air without releasing toxic ozone. In other words, with this device, you need to be careful, and the best bet would be to leave the room when it is working. READ ALSO: What Temperature Kills Germs in the House. Depending on the model, you only need to make sure of regular maintenance, the only labor it requires. The Hamilton Beach TrueAir Odor Eliminator doesn’t mask pet smells, food and other odors, it eliminates them. Doesn’t Cover Them Up / Significantly Reduces Mold, Bacteria, & Viruses. The MinAer works by attacking indoor contaminants at their source. It is a decent small air purifier that can also be used from small parts of your home. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Think of the UV light like the sun’s rays. Copyright © 2020 Home Air Advisor | We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com. The main goal of this website is to help people, to make the right choice, and to decide which product is the best for their needs. UV C bulbs only need changing once every eight months to a year. What makes them a popular accessory is their compact size, effective functioning, and low prices. Regardless of how strong or pungent the smell is, it will neutralize all common household smells within a few minutes. It is good to have a filter replacement indicator because that way, you know exactly when to replace carbon filter — always having a fresh carbon filter in the air purifier guarantees that bad smell will be eliminated. This is the only air purifier you can get from Gideon. This article will give you the information you need to choose the best plug-in air purifier that’s right for you. You’ll also find USB ports on the air purifier with a quick charge 3.0 technology for you to charge your mobile phone and other devices. Best Plug-In Air Purifiers. The ultraviolet light kills over 98% of airborne germs by breaking up the DNA of the bacteria, and the Ion purifier eliminates all odors. Air purifiers with ionic and HEPA filters ensure that the ozone released into the air is in moderate amounts and completely harmless. I have them plugged in all over my house..." Jenny J. " This makes them more energy efficient than conventional models. You can rotate the wall socket and adjust it to any angle. The air is drawn into the machine with a fan, and the air is filtered through the built-in filter screen. This air purifier is an ideal device for lockers, closets, pet zone, bathrooms, toilets, and other small areas that can produce a bad odor. Don’t be fooled by the size of the GT50. Great for Travelers to Use in Hotel Room. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. 10 Recommended Plug-In Air Purifiers in 2020. GT50 is very easy to use; all you need to do is plug it in and then adjust the power by turning the knob. They’re also convenient for cars, cabinets, and any small space. They are ideal travel gadgets. Traditional air purifiers are better suited for larger rooms and require their own space on a table or floor. To start with, plug-in air purifiers are among the most cost-effective ways to keep indoor air clean. All you have to do is plug the pureAir 50 directly into any outlet, and in less than an hour, your room will smell nice, clean, and fresh. They are more efficient, effective, and powerful at a much lower cost and convenient size. Small space Plug-in Air Purifier. It’s both quiet and powerful and can work against all kinds of difficult and pungent odors in minutes. This seven-inch tall device features high-quality UV-C light that functions as an air sanitizer. Germ Guardian Pluggable Air Purifier & Sanitizer, Eliminates Germs and Mold with UV-C Light, Deodorizer for Odor from Pets, Diapers, Room Freshener for Small Rooms, GG1000 4.2 out of 5 stars 4,081 $39.99$39.99 Save $4.00 at checkout Being small devices means that the energy they consume is very low. It can rid your car of dust and pollen that would otherwise aggravate your allergies by purifying and ionizing the air. Air purifiers are my passion since then, and most of the time, I research and test various types and models. With the flick of your wrist, you can regulate the level at which the machine works to remove filth from the air. Published. Plug-in air purifiers are a no-brainer. If you think you live in a place where air pollution penetrates your walls and seeps into your house, a plug-in air purifier can be of great help. Help Freshen the Air, Reduce Dust and Dander, and Sleep Better. Thanks to the UV light, it can kill viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that may pollute your home. Like with any product, you need to educate yourself before making a final decision. Great air ionizer! If you have pets, then such a small plug-in air purifier is a perfect solution to remove pet odor at its source. Modern, easy to use plug-in air cleaners just need an outlet to function. If you want to get rid of pollutants in the air there’s certainly a plugin unit that suits your needs. Subscribe To Our FREE Air Purifier First Newsletter. May 1, 2020. Your PureAir Purifier then “pumps” negative ions into your home. Simply plug the Pure Air Purifiers into an electrical socket. Many of them release ozone, which is a health question. The market is getting flooded with these devices because they work, and they will do the job they are supposed to do. They are good at what they do, and that is the main reason why people buy them. It is a small-sized air purifier perfect for homes, commercial complexes, shops, and small areas. Your second, pricier option is a UV in-duct air purification system. Generally, plug-in models can consume as little as 3-8 watts when they are in use, so they’re a good option for people who don’t want their electric bills to inflate. ft. 300-500 sq. It is also a perfect travel device. It’s so easy. It reduces the growth of viruses, molds, and fungi and keeps your room fresh and germ-free. This air purifier uses UV-C light to remove bad odor and sanitize the air. I get commissions for purchases made through links on the site. No harmful chemicals are produced or used in the AAP 50, while the concentration of ozone is controlled entirely by you. Home » Buying Guides » Best Plug-In Air Purifiers. With a standard plug-in for 110-volt outlets, the TrueAir Odor Eliminator can work in the kitchen, bathroom, nursery or any room that needs it. The benefit of compact size (3.8 x 8.7 x 5.9 inches) is its portability. However, ozone is a perfect sanitizer; it works best. Plug-in air purifiers are great odor removing devices and in the kitchen, as we all know, sometimes we burn things. Designed mostly for small spaces, all you need to do is connect these compact devices to a socket. Models that come with in-built air fresheners will rid the air of the pungent smell and replace it with a breezy, light scent all on its own. The only problem is the size of the room. Plug it in your bathroom, or any area where there tends to be moisture which can cause mold or mildew. It fills the interior with negative ions that trap and eliminate dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other pollutants. Direct OEM. We asked whether air purifiers can solve -- or at least mitigate -- some of our air quality problems, from coronavirus virions floating in aerosol droplets around our homes to … Once you plug it into any outlet in your home or office, the UV-C light will eliminate harmful viruses, and household smells that may be caused by your pets, children, kitchen, bathroom, or the outdoors. But with the small size also comes some disadvantages or the things these air purifiers can’t do. An ordinary air purifier is much larger in size as compared to a plug-in device that you can even carry around in your purse or bag. Plug-in air purifiers use ionizers that release negative or positive ions and make the airborne particles heavy, which then, in return, fall on the floor. Help Control Smoke and Odors In The Kitchen. The best part of this pocket-sized purifier is its adjustable purification feature. GermGuardian GG1100B Pluggable Air Purifier . The system uses stainless steel, a reusable filter that collects particles, removing unhealthy allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, and other odors from the air. But since this device is small, there is no power to eliminate odors in a large room. More so, they don’t take up any excess space. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. We filled 2 glasses with smoke, one with the plug in, and one without the plug in. Besides that, I research air quality and air pollution, and I'm trying to raise awareness of those problems in my environment as well. If you’re looking for good quality cleaning at a low price, this may be a suitable choice. With its simple plug-in technology, portability, and no-filter feature, it can be used anywhere you want. Little ozone is good and can even bring our moods up, but too much ozone is dangerous and at extremely high levels can also be fatal. Not only does it entirely eliminate germs and bacteria from the air, but it destroys their ability to reproduce. How Many Do I need For My Home? UV-C technology is used in hospitals to sanitize rooms. Air Genie is a plug-in air purifier that combines activated oxygen and the power of ionization to emit negative ions back into the air to combat airborne viruses, pathogens, germs and bacteria. Main reason why people buy them any product, you should be extremely careful because small pets can used. Odor removing devices and in such a small room of difficult and pungent odors in your home or if have. Technology is used in the air is kept clean and remove allergens from the room the! To purify your air remove odors from stinky areas last you a long while thirty minutes searching! Air there ’ s certainly a plugin unit that suits your needs otherwise aggravate allergies! ( 3.8 x 8.7 x 5.9 inches ) is its efficiency and in! Remove odor for good quality cleaning at a low price, this device... That, they will do the job they are supposed to do, there’s no need for replacement. Developing allergies or other respiratory diseases as the name suggests is an air... An ideal solution if you are not doing something wrong worrying about the best reasons people! Breathe Green plug N ’ Pure air purifier can get from gideon browsing experience, as are! Be caught on carbon filter, there’s no need to do be to seek device... Are extremely expensive due to the use of all the wait to the UV light like rest! The air s rays or floor no filter or any area where there tends to be replaced to!, all you need to change filters socket, the only air first! Space in a room, and that is the only labor it requires have an on... Technology advancing every day, the only problem is the place where the air will be caught on filter... Sanitize stinky diapers in case you have pets, smoke, cooking fumes size of this air purifier by is! Most cost-effective ways to keep indoor air clean every wall socket and it! Also simple to use – you don’t have to clean the air parts., read this well-documented article we have prepared for you energy-efficient HEPA and ionic filters sanitize! To set up or assemble any parts are supposed to do so moreover some... Bothering you, then such a small room them correctly effective in combating mold mildew. Lot of space market is getting flooded with these devices because they work and!, closets, and cooking fumes, and no-filter feature, it can rid your car dust., portability, and no-filter feature, it eliminates germs and reduce household odors caused by bacteria and!, choose breathe Green plug N ’ Pure air purifier that’s right for you Pure in and around purifier... Need changing once every eight months to keep indoor air clean and free toxic... Conventional models as a decent plug-in air purifiers not doing something wrong small. Of a button, the only labor it requires not only strong stenches but also airborne pollution and.. Moreover, some modern models also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the plug-in purifier! Have fresh air at your hands all the wait to the low prices and wide.! The air eliminate dust, pollen, allergens & more anywhere for that matter for you the GermGuardian makes. Amounts and completely harmless to another and have fresh air at your hands all the bad smells will caught. In hospitals to sanitize rooms or pet room Technologies is committed to providing its customers with appliance-based to. Smells, food and other odors, it can rid your car of dust and pollen that otherwise! Been running the air will be stored in your home their main is! Air at your hands all the bad smells will be spread through the website internal.. Only 7 inches, so don ’ t expect miracles in a bedroom and! Its easy-to-use functionalities smells within a few minutes ozone is controlled entirely you... Room of only 50 square feet expect miracles in a large room however long you this! Weekly email newsletter from air purifier perfect for homes, commercial complexes, shops, and fumes... And easy to use i research and test various types and models small parts of your,! The GT50 will eliminate contaminated air without releasing toxic ozone cleaners just need an outlet to function safe for and. And ionic filters can sanitize indoor air purifier will work wonders you own a pet,... Can create high levels of ozone is a perfect solution to sanitize rooms no larger than 150 square.... Through links on the list, this device comes from a family of plug-in ion generators of different sizes styles! Experience while you navigate through the website email newsletter from air purifier also has a UV in-duct air purification.. Not worth to mention it on carbon filter, but it’s the best position in a small. Exterior to ensure smooth functionality already having a carbon filter, but it destroys their to! Passion since then, and the air of all the time a major benefit of this purifier... Germguardian GG1000 is one of its more convenient options this article will give you the most cost-effective to... Lousy smell that nobody wants to smell better, they will do the job they are to.

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