Check Out How Using Paid Ads for Your Content Can Pay Off!

It seems it’s getting harder and harder to get your content noticed, much less acted upon. This was bound to happen as more and more marketers embrace content marketing.

So what’s the current best practice for getting your voice heard above the others screaming for attention?

One way people are getting their content seen and shared is through the use of something called paid social promotion. You might not have come across this before, so let’s define it and see exactly what it can do for us.

What is paid social promotion?

Paid social promotion, or paid social ads, is the technique of buying ads that promote your content. Ever since social networks have practically taken over the Web, and brought words and concepts like virality and social sharing into our consciousness, it was only a matter of time before marketers discovered a way to exploit this. What’s more, it’s a lot better than before, as the potential to reach an audience far greater than your own, right this moment, for pennies is something no one with any sense should discount.

Which social platforms should I use?

It seems there are new ad platforms springing up every day, but for our purposes we’ll stick with a few you may already have head of.

Facebook – Facebook’s ad platform is far and away the best choice right now. The ability it offers you to precisely target an audience, along with the social and viral aspects of Facebook itself make this almost a no-brainer. It’s very easy to use, and extremely affordable.

Twitter – Using Promoted Tweets can also work quite well for promoting your content, and Twitter even offers you the ability to target prospects by keyword and followers.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is coming on fast, and their Sponsored Updates can work very well, especially if you are a B2B.

Reddit – Reddit is loaded with rabid users, and using the niche ad option on their ad platform is the best choice here. This can send an avalanche of traffic in a short time!