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Doctor, Are You a Delegator?

Should You Try and DIY in Your Dental Practice? Are you one of those doctors not ready to allow anyone do anything in your practice? Or are you more of a delegator, eager to hand off tasks to people maybe even less qualified than you, but still freeing you up to do...

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Are You Paying to Play?

Check Out How Using Paid Ads for Your Content Can Pay Off! It seems it's getting harder and harder to get your content noticed, much less acted upon. This was bound to happen as more and more marketers embrace content marketing. So what's the current best practice for...

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Social Media Posting Ideas That Get Clicks

Ultimately all of us want more clicks from our social media channels. Who want to slave over Facebook posts, Tweets and LinkedIn and Google+ articles without some sort of return, right? Simply posting your content isn’t enough; there needs to be some thought behind...

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