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Based on Years of Proven Technology

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Used By Over 1000 Dentists Nationwide

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Make It Easy for Patients to Schedule

77% of people start their search for a new dentist online (Pew Research Study). SavvyDDS Appointments is the best and only way to allow those new patients to schedule directly online with your office, 24-7.

Practice Software Updated Immediately

LocalMed which powers SavvyDDS Appointments is the first and only system to incorporate Smart Customizable Filters.  Now you control what available appointment inventory you want to offer to potential new patients.  Everything else happens automatically.  

Connect with Patients Where They Are

SavvyDDS Appointments works on all phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, whatever device your patients prefer. And our SmartWidget technology means your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, business directories as well as your website will show real available appointment slots day or night. 

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